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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 18, 2017 5:29pm-5:43pm EST

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unfounded, they are out of luck. depending on what the reprisal was, if they lost their job or were demoted or were suspended without pay, i think that just stands. host: our last call from the segment is sharon from california. caller: hi. i just wanted to ask you about edward snowden. but you already answered that. i appreciate your answer. i wanted to congratulate the host. he's very nice and i like him. host: well thank you for that. and thank you liz for being here. we are still waiting for president trump to appear at a rally in florida, the event in melbourne should begin shortly. while we wait, we are going to show you more of today's "washington journal" where our
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question was how republicans would rate the president and the republican majority congress so far. host: and this final segment, we are asking you to grade republican -- grade president trump and the republican congress. the gop controls the house and senate and have a friend in the white house. that is one reason why paul ryan is saying this will be the most successful congress ever. there is a piece in "the hill" that says ryan and cysts gop lawmakers are on track to ryaness their agenda -- insists gop lawmakers are on track to complete their agenda. during an interview with fox news, speaker ryan said this about the jump agenda in congress. >> i heard everything from
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obamacare will be done day one, to the spring, to the summer, to by the end of the year. it's been all over the map. at -- >> it hasn't been all over the net for me. it's been all over the map for the press. in congress, we are exactly on the timeline we set for ourselves. the plan is repealed and replaced the law, like we said. he ran on a plan to repeal and replace it. tom price helped write that plan. he is now donald trump's secretary. >> here's my question. i just listed his agenda of what he ran on for the forgotten men and women that voted for him. >> that's the agenda we are working on right now. >> is there any item i mention that you disagree with? >> not at all. >> you're saying come into the american people and conservatives that are impatient, including myself -- thiswould love to do
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yesterday, but getting congress to act on all those things you ,aid it just one year unprecedented. this will be the most productive presidency in congress in our lifetimes. announcer: -- host: a former gop congressman wrote this, "if republicans failed to challenge on his overreach, attacks on independent judiciary, a free media for legislators, they will have knowingly affirmed his actions, even though -- even those most dangerous actions that undermine the power of the congress and authority of the courts. trump,ently following republicans in congress on the fate of his presidency just as much as president trump himself." that appeared in the february 12 issue of "the hill." republicans couple we are taking your calls, and we will start
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with emily from california. caller: yes. i think, so far, things are pretty good. they are working the way i want them to. comment to make a quick on the immigration point. i don't know if americans are treatyhat there is a that the mexicans owned california. governoralifornia, our wants us to secede from the union. we are having complications. also, that president obama, in the last 17 days of his presidency, changed the law on secrecy and privacy of the american citizens. more intelligence agencies were added, and people are being listened to without protection.
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they are breaking the law. that should be checked by the american people. trump, hepresident has been left with six wars, a $10trillion, obama spent trillion more in addition to all the presidents we have ever had. wealth, noas his when asked george washington to get rid of his. he was worth billions of dollars in today's world. he didn't get rid of his farms and tobacco farms and the thing. i can't think of many more things. once a lie is given and it becomes popular, then people believe it. this man who has done nothing in 19 days to hurt us.
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he is trying to help people. and don't forget that this country cannot take a house divided. thank you. host: next, we have debbie from florida. we are almost a month in. how you think it's going so far? caller: i think president trump is doing a great job, especially since he's gotten so many against him, even some in his own party. i think his agenda is awesome. i'm hoping the congress and senate can get behind him and get it through. i wish the media would stop lying and report the truth. judgesthat the liberal would stop obstructing justice and stop the immigration which obama has done before, but he's just trying to amend the law to save americans from terrorists. i think he's doing a great job, and i'm very excited.
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host: what do you think the media is lying about, in particular? anythinghey just take and distort it and say things that are true. just to create havoc. the constantthat russia, russia, russia, there is nothing with russia. they had a phone call, which is normal. clinton sold 20% of uranium to russia. but that was ok. she made money off of it, but that was ok. that did all these things are wrong, but that was ok. he comes in and tries to help and save america, and he gets demonized for it. host: next we have chris calling in from california. mia inl move along to
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san diego. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the president is doing an excellent job, as well as congress. i'm very excited for the next administration for the next four years. host: were you excited about? -- what are you excited about? , immigration,form jobs. policiesink that his are on point for those things that we need in our country. president trump held a press conference this past week andribed as combative unconditional. here's what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said about that news conference in his own press conference on friday. >> i've been pretty candid with all of you that i am not a great fan of daily tweets.
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what i am a fan of is what he has been actually doing. what we might have expected from a president mitt romney or marco rubio or jeb bush at the beginning of their 10 years in office, -- of their tenures in office, i can't see much difference and what president trump is doing from what they have done. the cabinet is outstanding, the most conservative cabinet and the time i have been here. i have served with other republican presidents. i just mentioned getting the regulations off the books. i like what he is doing. of thenot been a fan extra discussion that he likes to engage in, but we are going to soldier on. we like his positions and will pursue them as vigorously as we can. laura in's go to
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texas. you're on the line. caller: hello there. i swapped to say, first of all, i'm 80 years old. laura in texas. i voted democrat my whole life. i discovered fox news, i discovered c-span. i have never been a political person, but i always voted democrat. what i want to say is, i have never watched him when he did his apprentice program -- his "apprentice" program. when i saw they had a businessman running rather than a politician, because my daddy politicians are
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all a lie, and i am so glad as i watched because i think we were on a downward spiral. we don't need to be one big world because we are not. we are so different. at least we can be the lighthouse on the hill for the rest of the world if we continue. i think he is doing a wonderful job. i love it. i just love it when he's different. , when theyington were making fun of him because he didn't act like a politician, why would he know how to act like a politician? the man knows how to work. and that's a total different thing than what most politicians know how to do. host: i hear talking about the president.
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what do you think about the substance of what he is doing? caller: the substance, yes. i think it is. way,es it in a different but there are so many things. i know a lot of farmers. and of course, i read my farm bureau news. claimingess about every pond on someone's land is ludicrous. mes just unimaginable to that the government has reached out so much in the last eight years to make us almost like we were futile -- we were feudal when the elite owned everything and the little guys became more and more little guy. saying no mores
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of that. i hope they do away with a bunch of those agencies. regrettably, i worked for the government until i retired. but i never saw that side of it. i see it now. we may have a lot of unemployment in the last eight unemploymentof the is in government because we were hiring people in government and doing away with the industries. from sea to shining sea new york to l.a. it's time we stand and


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